Presentation of the Fortress of Pirot with modern technologies and forming of exhibitions in the Upper Town

Within the IPA project of cross-border cooperation with Bulgaria, which was carried out by the City of Pirot on the Serbian side, a very complex project was realized and its objectives were among others to deliver two Studies:

A. Study on the Exhibition Settings

B. Study on the Fortress Presentation

Insitute for Cultural Heritage Preservation Niš worked on this project and I was incharge as a coordinator for all activities, but also I was an author of the concept it self as well as for Studies preparation. At the same time I was conducting the construction and restoration works in the first year.

Both studies were done by chosen experts groups with the following results:

  • visual identity design for the Fortress of Pirot

  • collecting and digitalizing of the materials for the presentation and exhibition settings

  • design of the Exhibitions
  • interior design for all spaces of the Upper town
  • 3D visualisation (Roman period, Middle ages, XIX century – period of the Turkish domination)

Download the application for free and use QR codes to view the 3D models: