The fortress of Pirot – a proposal for revitalization of the partition defensive wall in the Lower Town

The fortress of Pirot is a cultural monument of great significance. It is part of the city center and contains cultural layers from prehistoric to modern times. After extensive research and conservation and restoration works carried out in the seventies and eighties of the last century, there was period of several decades of neglect and degradation.

During 2008 and 2009 restoration works were carried out in the Upper Town. As one of the most endangered parts the so-called partition defensive wall of the Lower town has been registered and the proposal for its protection and revitalization has been made and this is the main objective of this paper.

The paper was published in “СТУБОВИ баштине : гласник Завода за заштиту споменика културе Ниш”, бр. 1. / Pillars of Heritage : the Journal of the Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation Niš, Nо 1 / главни и одговорни уредник Елена Васић Петровић, Завод за заштиту споменика културе Ниш 2015. ISSN 2466-328X, and it can be downoloaded for fre here: 0195803