Exhibition Catalogue: “Drawing as a Document”

Over the course of its half-century of existence, the Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation Niš, has established a rich archive containing tens of thousands of documents of inestimable value.
Architectural drawing is something that dominates, both qualitatively and quantitatively, because architects are the backbone of the conservation work and the necessary associates of every other expert in our service.
The ability to draw, for the purpose of producing precise technical drawings and free-flowing sketches, has been central to the architectural profession for centuries. With the creation and popularization of computer software in the last few decades, the survival of hand-drawing in architecture in general, but in the field of protection of immovable cultural property, is seriously jeopardized.
We believe that there is no better way to commemorate this great jubilee by presenting our most valuable archival treasure – drawings.
At the same time, we want to remind experts and the public of its importance and contribute to its conservation.
Elena Vasić Petrović,
Director of the Institute
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