Landscaping and Revitalization of the Fortress of Niš


The Fortress of Niš represents an immovable cultural property of great importance to the Republic of Serbia. It is protected by the Law as a cultural monument, and its complex consists of several entities whose common feature is the existence of a rich cultural layers and complex urban composition of spaces of different purposes and functions, intertwined and connected, but also conflicting on the same basis.

Historical data and architectural heritage define this area as the central point around which, on the right bank of the Nišava River, from the 1st century AD begins the development of both, fortifications and urban elements of city. In addition to the fortification from the eighteenth century that visually dominates the space, within the ramparts and in their immediate surroundings, there are objects and archeological remains from different historical epochs, with different purposes, degree of preservation and presentation. In addition to cultural, historical and urban elements, the specific natural environment, which consists of mostly unregulated and poorly maintained green areas and high deciduous vegetation, stands out as a special feature, which contributes to the existence of a microclimate that is in quality compared to the climatic characteristics of the surrounding urbanized space. This also compromises architectural structures and users security. The whole situation produces a chaotic state and contributes to the mutual negation of heritage and urban elements. The favoring of improvised objects and inappropriate contents and the complete neglect of certain parts of the complex also contribute to the absurdity of the situation…

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