Gostuša Conservation Project

The Stone Village-Gostuša in south-east Serbia changed its status from “completely forgotten” to a “superstar” thanks to numerous activities in research, education, conservation presentation and to sustainability-oriented actions.

This place had more than 300 authentic vernacular buildings placed in an outstanding natural ambiance of Stara Planina Nature Park, when the first research project started in 2012. The research study, that came out as one of the results, won the Europa Nostra Award and EU Grand-Prix in 2016. and the story continues to grow until the present days.

The exhibition about the Stone Village visited numerous towns and institutions in the region (Pirot, Niš, Fruška Gora and Belgrade, Serbia; Sofia, Stara Zagora and Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Bitola, North Macedonia). The papers based on the project’s results were presented all over the world (Fruška Gora, Pirot, Niš and Belgrade, Serbia; Dubai, UAE; Dubrovnik, Croatia, etc).

Last year (2018) within the European Year of Cultural Heritage framework in cooperation with the European Heritage Volunteers organization, 17 young people from Australia to UK and Russia, but also from Serbia, helped conservation of vernacular buildings belonging to the most vulnerable residents, old people, but also they did the conservation of the local church which is crucial for the community in general (“Adopt a House-hold in Gostuša” project).

In the year 2019. the new project called “The Revival of the Stone Village” won one of 10 Grants of the European Commission and Council of Europe, within the European Heritage Days and European Heritage Stories program.

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