Exhibition Catalogue: “Naissus and Mediana”

In the IV century AD, at the height of his power, Constantine the Great erected magnificent buildings in his hometown Naissus, thus placing it to the very peak of Late Antique civilization.

The location of Naissus, which was in the interior of the Empire, but also on a highly important crossroad, at a certain period enabled a high level of development by making use of natural resources and the spreading of the settlement across the surrounding fields and hills. The most significant settlement in the vicinity was Mediana, which was flourishing at the same time.

With a view to providing a more comprehensive survey of social circumstances during the period and to improving the status of Late Antiquity heritage, this exhibition attempts to systematize the existing studies and researches and to re-evaluate already presented, but less known cultural assets.

Numerous remains, including architecture and roads, aqueducts, cisterns, and necropoles, spread across the entire territory of modern-day Niš and its immediate surroundings, and witness its size and power to this day. Reconstruction of the most significant urban and architectural elements and units and their interrelatedness provides a clearer picture of the importance of heritage and of the potential it brings.

Research of architectural remains is always accompanied by movable finds invaluable for getting a complete idea of the times and events that marked the Late Antiquity period. Therefore, some of the most important finds are also part of this exhibition.

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