Exhibition: Monasteries and Churches of South-East Serbia

The territory of the Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Niš includes seven districts and forty cities and municipalities. It fully covers three dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church (Niš, Vranje and Timok) and another partially (Kruševac).There are hundreds of churches and monastery complexes in this area, but also many early Christian buildings and basilicas.Works on the study, protection, preservation and presentation of this exceptional monuments fund, from its founding in 1966, until today are conducted by the Niš Institute.
The exhibition “Monasteries and Churches of South-East Serbia” is an attempt to present the wealth and great diversity that these facilities possess.

Their survival in this area for hundreds of years is our connection with the past and our pledge for the future.
Various church buildings with their architectural details are presented, from the period of early Christianity until today, then exceptional paintings, icons and iconostasis, but also a wealth of profane buildings that accompany churches and monasteries (lodgings, auxiliary buildings, parish and diocesan homes …).

The role of the protection service and each individual aware of the responsibility towards heritage are crucial for their preservation.

The exhibition was inaugurated in: Niš, Knjaževac, Vranje and Prokuplje, form 2013 to 2016.